LCFC Journal #1: “Life Comes From Concrete…”

3 May

DSC_0043editMy new poetry collection/memoir, Life Comes From Concrete has been four years in the making. Not originally planned, the book’s concept first came to mind back in the summer of July 2012.

At the time, I had started writing poetry and wasted no time in fully immersing myself into the art form. Prior to writing poems, I had only written stories based solely in fiction (detective-fiction more favorably).

Moreover, as I continued to build my poetry writing and honed my craft, I realized that I became adept to writing potent pieces that were not only introspective but filled with substance as well.

DSC_0129By the time 2013 came into view, I realized how much I had developed and grown as a writer/poet. Not only did my poetry speak upon the world around me and myself, but it eventually grew to become a point of perspective and representation for those whose lives had impacted mine or who I had come across at one point or another in time.

It wasn’t until the spring of that same year that the idea of the poetry book became very real. I figured that it would be a literature based representation of myself and what I had endured within my life up until that point.

Furthermore, by 2013’s end, I had fully concocted a selection of poems starting from 2012 that would speak upon my time as a teenager coming-of-age who found himself as a young man at the age of twenty-two.DSC_0062edit

To finalize the process, I then took the entire month of January in 2014 to provide back-stories for each piece and how they were created through various moments of inspiration. And it wasn’t until after the month ended when the book’s title came about while thinking of what to name it.

Overall, the point that I am making is that everyone who lives on earth has a path en route towards their destiny and in order for one to do so, they must walk their individual paths on concrete.

Thus, metaphorically speaking, Life Comes From Concrete is a very poetic way of saying, “journey”. And through this poetry collection, I want you all to accompany me on mine.

Yours Truly,

Kev Elev

“The Renaissance”

Photography by: Divin Mathew





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    LCFC Journal Entry #1: “Life Comes From Concrete”

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