“Life Comes From Concrete”: A Poetry Collection/Memoir

2 May

[Queens, NY – 5/2/16]


Author, actor, and poet, Kevin Anglade is releasing his debut poetry collection this summer. The book is called, Life Comes From Concrete and focuses on a transitional period he experienced from late adolescence to young adulthood. Throughout the work, Anglade undergoes a microscopic lens to evaluate himself, his surroundings and the society he lives in. The book is scheduled for publication this July.DSC_0049edit

Anglade is a poet and storyteller who paints lucid pictures as a result of experience and interaction with others. The collection Life Comes From Concrete touches upon a range of themes from love, poverty, social injustice, mass consumption, self-identity, and death.  The book aims to represent the lives of young black males that have experienced similar growing pains within crucial moments of becoming a young adult in American society.

For more information on the book as well as its official press release, please be sure to visit  the book’s tab at www.kevinanglade.com/lcfc-poetry


http://www.kevinanglade.com                                                                                                                          “The Path To Discovery Begins With One’s Journey”


One Response to ““Life Comes From Concrete”: A Poetry Collection/Memoir”

  1. Kevin Anglade May 2, 2016 at 6:19 pm #


    Official Press Release for Anglade’s “Life Comes From Concrete” poetry collection Now Available via the author’s personal blog.


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