Flowered Concrete’s Kevin Eleven Makes Second Consecutive Appearance at 10th Annual Brooklyn Book Festival

23 Sep

This past weekend, I had a grand time exhibiting and displaying my novels at the Brooklyn Book Festival. Be sure to check out my publisher, Flowered Concrete’s blog post recap about the event now.

~Kevin Eleven

@velevek (Twitter & Instagram)


Dear Flowered Concrete Subscribers,

Our very own Kevin Eleven made his second consecutive appearance at the Brooklyn Book Festival this past weekend.

The author sold three copies of his latest works as both Tales of the 23rd Precinct as well as frankly TWISTED were available for purchase.

On hand for the event to aid the author in distributing and marketing his titles was Mia Hill, director of Public Relations & Marketing.

In addition, many festival goers seemed intrigued and impressed by the artwork of both novels even though they may not have purchased, many walked away with business cards and in great spirits after conversing with the author.

Going forward, the author was very appreciative in even being able to sell three of his novels and hopes that the people who took the time to speak to him will look into his literature and possibly spread the word about them…

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