frankly TWISTED: the blog tour Week 8! (Meet Ron Mercer)

22 Sep

In today’s guest blog post, readers will be able to understand the fuel behind the fire. Moreover, they will get a chance to read up on the character that has been at the thick of the plot for both Tales of the 23rd trilogy novels.  This character happens to be none other than Brooklyn drug lord, Ron Mercer. To learn more about him as well as his strong involvement within the plots of both frankly TWISTED & Tales of the 23rd Precinct, be sure to check out my post below.

frankly TWISTED: the blog tour, Week 8, here on

~Kevin Eleven~

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Behind The Character:

Ron Mercer…man, I just don’t know where to start. Okay, so first and foremost, meet one of two men that tie a common thread into the entire series. This character was a lot of fun to write. Everything about him was not only intentional but purposeful. From the way he talked, to the way he went about handling business, and also the way he carried himself in each and every scene that he happened to appear in.
If there is anything I can say about Ron, it’s that he was probably the first character I thought of when I started writing the series. He was first mentioned in Misguided Justice as a foe and then again in Crossfires at 59th & Columbus, however, he didn’t physically appear until FRANKLY TWISTED, the final chapter in Tales of the 23RD Precinct. His role in frankly TWISTED: the lost files expanded, as I wanted him to be one of the orchestrators leading the plot and I feel as if he accomplished for the most part exactly what it was that he set out to do.
Although he won’t physically be able to appear in the final book of the series, I am sure that many or certain points within the next book’s plot will have strong ties to the man, Ron Mercer himself.


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