frankly TWISTED: the blog tour Week 7! (Meet Detective Travis Williams)

15 Sep

In today’s guest blog post, readers will be able to delve into a brand new character to the series but one that has been a staple within the BKPD for a very long time and has been laying low in the shadows. This detective is none other than detective Travis Williams. To learn more about him as well as his strong involvement within the plot of frankly TWISTED, be sure to check out my post below.

frankly TWISTED: the blog tour, Week 7, here on

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Behind The Character:

I wanted to provide balance to the 23rd precinct with some new blood or should we say old blood? Anyway…ENTER: Travis Williams. The detective has been in great standing within the 23rd Precinct for a very long time (so says the second book). However, I honestly didn’t get any idea of the character or even his inclusion within the series until frankly TWISTED.

As I expanded and developed my thoughts overtime for the second novel, I knew that I wanted to plug in another detective in there, however, I just didn’t know when and where I’d do it. Moreover, due to the enormous amount of youth within the department, I knew that I needed a detective that was polished, thorough, and seasoned in assisting of seeing all tasks through.

That was when I jotted down Travis Williams’ first appearance in Episode 2, A Lane on My Own. From there, I knew that I would organically work him in so that he would fit into the major scope of things and by the time I got to writing Episode 3, he most certainly did. Travis Williams was a joy to write, if not for anything, more so because of his sarcastic one-off responses and his old school charismatic flair.


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