frankly TWISTED: the blog tour Week 6! (Meet Detective Alvin Alvin)

8 Sep

In today’s guest blog post, readers will be able to delve into the background of a very skilled and competent detective. That detective just so happens to be detective Alvin Alvin. In this blog post, you will learn about what makes this character tick as well as what Mr. “GQ” likes to do during his downtime when not hanging out at the office or on the notorious Brooklyn streets. To learn more about him as well as his strong involvement within the plot of frankly TWISTED, be sure to check out this edition of the blog tour as we are once again back on the road at Bernie and Books.

frankly TWISTED: the blog tour, Week 6 on Claudia F. Vogt’s blog Bernie & Books

~Kevin Eleven~

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Behind The Character:


For some reason, detective Alvin Alvin is still a mystery to me. For one, despite him being a really good cop and highly fashionable in style and appearance, there seems to be more beneath the surface that has yet to be uncovered. Many folks are probably wondering what on earth possessed me to name him Alvin Alvin.

For one, I thought it would be really funny to give him the same first and last name. Another reason as to why I named him this way is because I wanted to slightly trick readers into thinking that I had made a typo with his name.

However, when reading both Tales of the 23RD Precinct and as well as frankly TWISTED, readers can see that that is certainly not the case. Going forward, it will be interesting to see where exactly I take him as a character. For one thing, he will definitely have big shoes to fill due to the fact that he will be taking over as Captain of the 23rd precinct. Hopefully by then, we will get a better chance to see not only how he works and interacts with others, but also, go a bit in-depth within his personal life.

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