frankly TWISTED: the blog tour Week 5! (Meet Jake Fisher)

1 Sep

In today’s guest blog post, readers will be able to delve into someone that is considered a heel, however, at the same time this character is someone that is constantly fighting for his freedom as well as hoping for redemption and for a chance to be forgiven. This person happens to be none other than Jacob Fisher, the estranged brother of detective Luke Fisher of the 23rd Precinct. To learn more about him as well as his strong involvement within the plot of frankly TWISTED, be sure to check out my post below.

frankly TWISTED: the blog tour, Week 5, here on

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Behind The Character:

FTLF-JakeFisherDossierJake Fisher was a character that was never supposed to exist as a living, breathing entity. When I first wrote Misguided Justice (Strangers, Brothers, Detectives) as a short-story before having it appear in Tales of the 23RD Precinct as part of the novel, Jake Fisher was certainly dead as he was the hot topic of the story as the plot revolved around finding his killer.
However, overtime, as I wanted to backtrack and give life and purpose to his brother’s (Jake Fisher) backstory, I knew that I needed to expand upon his existence while also displaying his relationship with his older brother.
Jake is without question an interesting character, he is also one that shows perseverance, as he overcame many of his obstacles to become a better person. Unfortunately, sometimes having such strong mischievous connections and links to the past can indubitably destroy any chances in having a future.


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