frankly TWISTED: the blog tour Week 4! (Meet Detective Luke Fisher)

25 Aug

In today’s guest blog post, readers will be able to delve into a very interesting character, one that provides balance within the entire realm of the BKPD, who happens to be none other than Detective Lucas “Luke” Fisher of the 23rd Precinct. To learn more about him as well as his strong involvement within the plot of frankly TWISTED, be sure to check out my post below.

frankly TWISTED: the blog tour, Week 4, here on

~Kevin Eleven~

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Behind The Character

FTLF-LukeFisherDossierLucas Fisher is one of those comedic relief characters. I mean his entire presence just brings forth a loose energy. His purpose is to lighten the mood within every scene that he finds himself in. As I was writing Tales of the 23rd Precinct, I knew that I needed a character that would provide some kind of balance to detective Lane’s relentless go-getter attitude and I figured someone like Luke who could not only provide that balance but also provide a great deal of chemistry would be ideal to the novel. And there you have it; just like that Luke Fisher rose from the ashes…


3 Responses to “frankly TWISTED: the blog tour Week 4! (Meet Detective Luke Fisher)”

    • Alex August 31, 2015 at 6:50 pm #

      Good Afternoon Mr. Anglade and the rest of the Flowered Concrete Team,

      My name is Alexander Sanders, I am a Journalism major from Howard University. I am an extreme asset to the communication society here on campus. Basically, what we do is bring bloggers, vloggers who review books products and etc. by entrepreneurs in our black community. Last week I came across your lovely Director of Media of Public Relations, as well as girlfriend Mia Hill. She told me about Flowered Concrete and what you guys do. I am more than amazed by all the things and accomplishments that you guys have had thus far. I took the time this weekend to review for your website and your credentials. She also asked and mentioned that she is looking for vloggers or bloggers on campus to review your latest detective fiction novel ‘Frankly Twisted” and your friend Alton Taylor’s upcoming “Yellow World.” I am a Graduate student so I couldn’t supply her a list of names to her unfortunately because I am busy at the moment. But she told me that she will be purchasing a book so everyone in the communication society can get a chance to read and possible review. She also said that she is apart of the DC reads tutoring program and she was able to create a plan with me to help kids with reading through the books you guys produce. If you didn’t know DC is really trying to enforce literacy and is really trying to get the kids to read. Thus, I am beyond amazed by the representation of your company. I didn’t really appear interested by Mia’s approach because she is only a sophomore and she told me that she was your girlfriend, but her delivery was so astonishing that I forgot he was your girlfriend later in the conversation, instead your Marketing Agent. I wasn’t able to provide much help or assistance to her, but I will be advising her in getting your business here in DC and getting your team to DC. I will also be getting a copy of your book because the cover is amazing. Just thought I’d give you feed back and let you know that DC will love you guys to be here. Please let me know your comments.

      Alexander Sanders

      • Kevin Eleven August 31, 2015 at 8:28 pm #

        Hey Alex,

        A pleasure to share words with you. I have already sent you a response through e-mail. I am truly humbled by your kind and supporting words. Please be sure to reply whenever you can, I am more than interested in getting a chance to rap with you through convo. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


        – Kevin Anglade

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