Recapping frankly TWISTED: the Pop Up @ Strand Book Store (Vlog 9)

4 Aug

Last Friday evening, the Flowered Concrete team and I met up at the Strand Bookstore in Union Square and gave out 20 autographed free copies of my latest novel, frankly TWISTED along with postcards as well. Be sure to recap the entire experience in this post, ans also be sure to watch the brief visual clip of what went down as well.

~ Kevin Eleven~

“Read To Believe, Write To Achieve”


Dear Flowered Concrete Followers,

We here at Flowered Concrete had an amazing start to our weekend last Friday, as our very own, Kevin Eleven gave out twenty free copies of his latest novel, frankly TWISTED: the lost files to random patrons in between the Strand Bookstore and Forbidden Planet, two locale book stores packed with both great literature and aesthetically illustrated comics.

Many of the passerby’s thought that the Flowered Concrete team were pulling their legs when they continuously yelled out, “FREE BOOK, FREE BOOK!” However, Kevin Eleven, Alton Taylor and Mia Hill used their boisterous energy and magnetic smiles to not only lure people in but to engage them while persuading how free the books actually were. Below, you will find a brief visual clip of the evening’s festivities as the crew really enjoyed handing out the twenty signed copies of the latest novel as well as the postcards…

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