7 Jul

“The Procedural” in Color (Limited Edition)

The only way to obtain a copy is by winning this through a giveaway I’ll be hosting. To learn more, stay in touch with me here on my blog or visit http://www.floweredconcrete.net daily for more info.

Also, follow me on twitter & instagram for real time updates. @velevek


As the roll-out of Kevin Eleven’s forthcoming novel continues, we here at Flowered Concrete would like continue our ongoing celebration of it (we’re nearing the publishing date) by revealing the procedural’s colored version. This version will neither be sold online or through the Flowered Concrete website. The only way to obtain a physical copy is by pre-ordering the up-coming novel, the moment it is available for release.

Over the next couple of days, we here at Flowered Concrete will provide a blog post with a pre-order link for the newest novel which is now just days away from official retail and online purchase. Depending on our printed number of copies, we will be sending an undisclosed amount (autographed & signed) to the readers/fans that have shown or will show a tremendous interest for the work (hint-hint: You may be the lucky someone to get one if you pre-order the book)…

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