Flowered Concrete Publishing Sessions [Behind-The-Scenes]

3 Mar

Check out some of my latest publishing sessions with Flowered Concrete’s own Alton Taylor as we prepare for our onslaught of books coming later within the year!!!


“Read To Believe, Write To Achieve”

~ Kevin Eleven



Dear Flowered Concrete Followers,

As we now enter the month of March, we look forward to many things that we will be apart of. First and foremost, as mentioned before, our “Zines To Reach Your Dreams” workshop series begins today at Cambria Heights Library, secondly, our very own Kevin Anglade (Publisher/Founder) & Alton Taylor (Lead Art Director/Company Consultant) have been hard at work gearing up for an onslaught of projects due to be published later on within the year.

The two have been so dedicated to the company’s schedule, that they have often been pulling all-nighters throughout the entire calendar month of February on weekends.

Taylor, has been spending many nights throughout the past few weeks at Anglade’s house (Flowered Concrete Headquarters). Now some of you may be asking, “Is this actually necessary?”

But the duo on the other hand seems to think so as they are fully and mutually convinced that their…

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