Book Review: Tales of the 23rd Precinct by Kevin Anglade

28 Jan

Be sure to read my debut novel’s latest review here upon this re-blogged post from Universal Creativity Inc.’s very own Danielle Urban.
– Kevin Eleven
“Write to Believe, Read to Achieve”

Urban Book Reviews

Product DetailsTales of the 23rd Precinct is an outstanding novel that will captivate readers interest unlike any other. The novel is well written and has a uniqueness about it that most novels don’t have today. Kevin Anglade wrote his compelling novel by building up his characters and showing the world who they are inside and out. This alone makes it one fabulous read that will never bore you as the characters find themselves within the plot. The three main characters are detectives. Deborah Lane, Luke Fisher, and Frank Mathtews each go through their own journey of self discovery as the crimes and mysteries unfold.  Suspense at every corner and a thrill that will keep readers reading all night long. I highly recommend Tales of the 23rd Precinct to every reader. The scenes are vibrant and the words come to life. A very intriguing story that everyone must read! Overall, I rate…

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