Flowered Concrete Takes Everyone “BACK TO BASICS”!

9 Oct


Common Grounds Coffee House owner, Tremaine Wright provided Flowered Concrete with a tremendous space to host their theatrical spectacle called BACK TO BASICS on Friday, September 26th Common Grounds Coffee House owner, Tremaine Wright, (middle) provided Flowered Concrete with space to host theatrical spectacle “BACK TO BASICS” on Friday, September 26th in the BedStuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY (far left) Founder of Flowered Concrete, Kevin Anglade (far right) singer/poet Tai Allen                         photo courtesy of LKA Photography

Dear Flowered Concrete followers,

We hope that this post finds you all in good spirits. Flowered Concrete would like to thank all that attended and in someway contributed in BACK TO BASICS being a success. The show without question brought out a crowd that was very immersed and drawn to the show as well as everything that we had to offer.

From the moment that the crowd entered, they were treated to an eventful night that displayed comedy, and theater all on one stage as poets, actors, actresses and…

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