16 Sep
"BACK TO BASICS" is the first theater showing hosted and sponsored by Flowered  Concrete.

“BACK TO BASICS” is the first theater showing hosted and sponsored by Flowered Concrete.

Dear Flowered Concrete Followers,



I hope that you all are well. Since we last spoke, we here at Flowered Concrete have been hard at work in prepping our next event called “BACK TO BASICS”: The Roots of Performance. Unlike our prior events that have taken place this year, as well as since the manifestation of Flowered Concrete as a publishing/performance brand, this new event that we’re doing called “BACK TO BASICS” will certainly be one of a kind. It is the first event that we’re doing that consists of acting as its performing preference. There will be no hints of  poetry, music or anything of the sort involved with this show, just a raw theatrical experience.

As a company, we wanted to diversify peoples perspectives on our company and what exactly we can do for the public. We hope to stay true to our identity as storytellers and can only pray that the onlookers who come out to see our show take form will see our vision and exactly what it is we are aiming to accomplish  with this event. For the first time, Flowered Concrete will have actors/actresses on our hands as we’ll aim to tell stories through various sets of performances like no other.

“BACK TO BASICS” will take place at Common Grounds Coffee House in the BedStuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. All  are welcomed to attend. The show will charge $2 per entry and will have an unlimited amount of snacks/beverages to choose from. Please be sure to bring a friend and then some to the event because we will certainly do our best to make it a doozy.

Until next time…


Hashtags for this event will be #BACKTOBASICS #BACK2BASICS #Roots


Find us online at: (@floweredlit) (@floweredconcrete)

YouTube & Google+ : Flowered Concrete

– Kevin Anglade

– CEO/Founder/President/Blogger/Author/Journalist/Actor/Poet


“Dream For Anything, Reach For Everything”





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