Flowered Concrete Crashes A Conversation on Navigating Book Publishing Industry in NYC!

20 Aug



Flowered Concrete CEO, Kevin Anglade and Mia Hill, Director of Public Relations & Media attended the CUP SERIES Book Publishing Industry event and pitched Flowered Concrete to mainstream industry executives.

A Conversation on Navigating the Book Publishing Industry took place last week, Tuesday on August 12th at News Corp in NYC

A Conversation on Navigating the Book Publishing Industry took place last week, Tuesday on August 12th at News Corp in NYC

Dear Flowered Concrete Followers,


I hope to find all of you guys in good spirits. Here at Flowered Concrete, we are currently in the process of constructing our final events of the year, that we’re sure you guys will certainly love. However, in this current time and space, I am here to tell you that Flowered Concrete enjoyed a thrilling event last week at News Corporation on Avenue Americas in New York City.

The name of the event was called A Conversation on Navigating the Book Publishing Industry (sponsored by News Corp & the Council of Urban Professionals)  and it took place on the second floor of the building which happened to be 21st Century Fox Studios. It was moderated by Roderick Hardamon, (Wall Street Executive & Entrepreneur) and featured Tracy Sherrod, the Editorial Director at Amistad, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.


During our time at the event, Mia Hill, (Director of Public  Relations & Media) as well as myself were able to digest the authentic processes in today’s space of traditional publishing. Many aspiring writers as well as industry execs were in attendance as they listened intently while Sherrod spoke upon the steps to getting published in our current publishing climate. Some of the topics spoken upon, but certainly not limited to during the sit-down conversation consisted of proposals, literary agents, reference guides for writers, marketing plans, platforms, authorial deadlines, editors, and also, self-publishing, which is certainly our line of fine work.

Throughout the entire night, many people from left to right flooded the room with questions as they eagerly anticipated on learning about the publishing process at large. As the night pressed onward, Sherrod did her best to answer questions to the best consent of her knowledge. After the event was over itself, Mia and I definitely got the feeling that traditional publishing is obviously still a priority and that it will certainly be a challenge for us to oppose those forces as we attempt to stay firm within our indie endeavors.

In the final segment of the event, everyone in attendance was able and encouraged to mingle amongst each other as a way of diversifying their network and expanding their personal brands. In addition to that, I am quite pleased to say that many folks on hand, seemed highly interested at the idea of Flowered Concrete and what it is exactly that we are attempting to accomplish with the brand.


As the night wounded down and Mia and I left the News Corporation building, we left with a sense of longing as well as aspiration to fuel our motivation. We knew within our deepest of hearts that there is a market out there with a voracious appetite starving for undiscovered talent as well as outstanding literature. Moreover, as we left the city and headed back to our head quarters located in Queens, we remained optimistic that the time will come where our brand as well as its literature, will be on full display in New York City as well as the world at large.


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