4 Aug
Flowered Concrete's newly formed team celebrate with a group selfie after a fantastic show at "ESSENCE of SUMMER"

Flowered Concrete’s newly formed team celebrate with a group selfie after a fantastic show at “ESSENCE of SUMMER”

Far left: Kevin Anglade (CEO/Founder of Flowered Concrete) & Joshua Walker (CEO/Artist Manger of Avenue Music Group)

Far left: Kevin Anglade (CEO/Founder of Flowered Concrete) & Joshua Walker (CEO/Artist Manger of Avenue Music Group)

Dear Flowered Concrete Supporters,

Happy August to you!!! We here at Flowered Concrete hope you are doing well. And now, getting down to business, we surely would like to thank everyone and anyone who attended and supported Flowered Concrete & Avenue Music Group’s first annual, “ESSENCE of SUMMER” Summer Artist Showcase!!! We’ll let you guys be the judge, but for the most part, it seems as if everyone who was in attendance enjoyed the show to its fullest!!! Throughout the night yogurt was being purchased as the Brooklyn Swirl employees were taken aback and reacted to the quick bustle that included the influx of crowd that maneuvered their way in as well as out of Brooklyn Swirl throughout the entire night.

The evening itself was jam packed with performers from all over the Tri-State area as artists poured in from New York City, Philadelphia, Connecticut and that beautiful west coast state better known as California. Artists consisting of rappers, poets, singers, all put on a simmering display of vocal dexterity which showcased their lyrics, lyricism, wordplay, storytelling, and showmanship as well as vibrant exceptional capabilities. Honestly, it can be said that it was never a dull moment for the Brooklyn Swirl crowd as performer after performer ignited the crowd with blistering and passionate sets. We honestly do thank them all for their dedication as well as their extraordinary as well as unique talents!!

Last, but not least, none of it would have been possible if it hadn’t been for the audience that were in attendance.  Although we lost count, both Flowered Concrete & Avenue Music Group was able to rack in a crowd of about 90 people in total, raising the bar and shattering Brooklyn Swirl’s previous record which stood at a modest number of 35. Due to the overwhelming numbers of people packed within the small venue, some attendees weren’t able to watch the performances from inside and instead, stood out on the yogurt shop’s patio to watch them through the glass window as well. The event itself was such a success that Jean Alerte, (co-founder & owner of the frozen yogurt shop) & Toni Diggs, (his Executive Assistant) headed over to the shop as they took in the massive numbers of people in attendance as well as those purchasing yogurt. In a video testimonial, that included his candid thoughts of the event, Jean raved, “ESSENCE of SUMMER was outstanding!!! Shout outs to Avenue Music Group and Flowered Concrete for throwing an amazing event. We came back the following day and it was almost as if no one was here. They came in, enjoyed, and left peacefully. Honestly, Essence of Summer wasn’t an open mic, it was more like a concert. We gotta do another one before summer ends in August. Let’s make it happen guys!!”

As excited as Jean was, we know that it would be too soon to have another one in August due to all of that extensive planning, promo, and execution that went into it prior to the date of the event. Therefore, going forward into next year, both parties consisting of Flowered Concrete & Avenue Music Group plan to host ESSENCE of SUMMER once more, but as an annual artist showcase at Brooklyn Swirl. Hopefully, by next summer we’ll have expanded our budgets a bit in order to have the showcase be bigger, better, and stronger than anyone can ever imagine!!! In finality, on the behalf of Flowered Concrete, I can definitely say that we plan on delivering once again while also having a LARGER audience than this year at next year’s ESSENCE of SUMMER!

In closing, Flowered Concrete would like to thank all those who attended, especially the media, and press outlets that came to work the event. Butta Cool of the Cool Corner, SmooveTVRadio, Educated Little Monsters, SoulWise Entertainment LLC, & Tru7Entertainment. Thank you guys for aiding “ESSENCE of SUMMER” stand out while providing a platform for local and out-of-state talents. We all hope to see you next year!!


P.S. THE DAILY ESSENCE: SUMMER PERFORMANCE SERIES spotlighting and showcasing #ESSENCEofSUMMER and its performers is now playing on the Flowered Concrete YouTube page.

Be sure to catch the teaser trailer of the event HERE

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– Kevin Anglade

– CEO/Founder/President/Blogger/Author/Journalist/Actor/Poet


“Dream For Anything, Reach For Everything”

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