13 Jul
"ESSENCE OF SUMMER"  an acapella summer poetic showcase of the performing arts will take place this Friday at Brooklyn Swirl, from 5-9pm, Hosted by Flowered Concrete & Avenue Music Group

“ESSENCE OF SUMMER” an acapella summer poetic showcase of the performing arts will take place this Friday at Brooklyn Swirl, from 5-9pm, Hosted by Flowered Concrete & Avenue Music Group

Dear Flowered Concrete Followers,

We here at Flowered Concrete, (including myself, Kevin Anglade, CEO & Founder) hope to find you in great spirits. As of today, Sunday, July 13th, we are now just FIVE DAYS away from one of the HOTTEST SHOWCASES of the year called “ESSENCE OF SUMMER”,  a collaborative poetry event at Brooklyn Swirl (A Frozen Yogurt Shop in BedStuy, New York).

We honestly can’t wait to tantalize your emotions as we have a full slated schedule of performers just itching to rock the crowd with their poetry, lyrics, words and voices.

“ESSENCE OF SUMMER” manifested into an actual event during one Flowered Concrete meeting in particular. It happened back on June 1st, when myself, Alton Taylor (Lead Art Director) and Mia Hill (Director of Public Relations & Media) were sitting within our office discussing what could we possibly do next that would satisfy the appetite of our gradual, and yet, growing fan base. And so, what immediately came to mind was another event that focused on music, words and rhymes together as poetry. Moreover, as we sat and contemplated upon what the event would be called, Alton abruptly said to us with grandiose flash, “Essence of Summer.” “Ummm, yeah, that can work,” was my response. “That sounds cool,” agreed Mia as she repetitively said it to herself.

From there, I thought about a few lines from one of my poems that says, “My words are like a river/no need to speak em’ I flow em/I flow my words and serve em’ so you can just say I poem.” And so, after reciting these lines in my head a few times, I thought that it would be great to incorporate some of those words somehow.

“ESSENCE OF SUMMER,” I then said. “Flow em, Row em, & Poems” And it then immediately became the subtitle of the forthcoming event.

Following the title, I thought that after experiencing the success of our prior event with Richmond Hill Library, it would only be right if Flowered Concrete again collaborated with Avenue Music Group to co-host the spectacle. It was certainly a no-brainer as Joshua Walker, CEO/Founder of Avenue Music Group, met with me and sat down to chat and discuss the event.

Within the last five weeks alone, both of our companies have brought awareness for the event by contacting media outlets as well as inviting a countless number of people to come and witness and experience exactly what the power of words can do without instrumentals in an multi-dimensional artistic landscape.

For the event, we now have a set list of fifteen performers that are looking to shock, inspire, impact and connect with the audience that will be in attendance. It will be a show that I think many people will grasp and learn from as well as appreciate due to the independent artistic merits of every performer that will be involved. Therefore, if you haven’t thought of it already, please be sure and come out to Brooklyn Swirl on 445 Marcus Garvey Blvd from 5-9pm as Flowered Concrete & Avenue Music Group will exhibit to all: the true ESSENCE OF SUMMER.


*Note: Social media hashtags for this event will be #ForeverBiancaPetillo as well as #ConcreteAvenue

*P.S. This event will be dedicated in the memory of Bianca Leigh Petillo, (a friend of Kevin’s and many others that will be in attendance) who passed away last year in a sad tragic fashion in a car accident as she was crossing a street on Rockaway Blvd in Queens, that resulted in her getting hit by an 8-wheeling steeled cargo truck. Kevin would like if you all would keep her family in her prayers on such a conflicting day and that God will certainly guide them through upon her actual one year anniversary of passing.



Find us online at:


http://www.twitter.com/floweredlit (@floweredlit)

http://www.instagram.com/floweredconcrete (@floweredconcrete)

Youtube & Google+ : Flowered Concrete


– Kevin Anglade

– CEO/Founder/President/Blogger/Author/Journalist/Actor/Poet


“Dream For Anything, Reach For Everything”

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