15 May


Flowered Concrete & Avenue Music Group Hold Successful Event for Teens at Richmond Hill Library in Queens

Flowered Concrete & Avenue Music Group, thanks to support by Friends of Richmond Hill, Hold Successful Event for Teens at Richmond Hill Library in Queens, New York photo courtesy of Flowered Concrete/Avenue Music Group

Dear Flowered Concrete followers,


We hope that you all enjoyed your Mothers Day weekend and are in great spirits within this beautiful month of May. Firstly, we’d like to welcome back all of our loyal subscribers that have been receiving our blog posts through our e-mail list, but also, we’d like to welcome those new subscribers to the brand that experienced our first official book reading at the library just a little over week ago. We here at Flowered Concrete thank you for coming, registering with us and being apart of the aesthetic experience that we had to offer.

Going to the event, Alton and I were uncertain about many things. Some of those concerns consisted of numbers, (audience attendance) event content, time, merchandise (too much merchandising or lack thereof) and a plethora of other concerns regarding our presentation. However, with all of this being said, if there is one thing that we can say that we are proud of, I would say that it would have to be the support we received  in total from the crowd, which consisted of mothers, children, young adults, and teens. Everyone in attendance seemed to grasp everything that we at the brand were saying in full and we’re hoping that some of you who are new to the brand and reading our posts for the first time are truly interested about the things that we have to offer in the future.

The only thing I would say that Flowered Concrete totally missed the mark on was our attendance, as we wished that we had more of a teenage audience present at the show. Nonetheless, we hope that the parents and young adults in attendance who have teens within their everyday daily lives, will spread the word as much as they possibly can. For our first event, I would have to say that it really turned out better than what we could have hoped for; Additionally, you can be sure that Flowered Concrete will only take what we experienced and use it to enhance our presentation in the future. Due to the success of our first event, there is a possibility that the library may want us back for future shows. Also, we may also add additional dates of this Flowered Concrete presentation throughout the entire upcoming summer as many local libraries within the Queens and Brooklyn area are expressing interest about what we as a literary brand, can contribute to their venues.

On behalf of the brand, I, Kevin Anglade, CEO/Founder/President would sincerely like to thank everyone who made the event a memorable one.

  •  Friends of Richmond Hill Library Board – Pamela Appea, (President) Deborah Emin, (Vice President/President of Sullivan Street Press) Linda Meeth, (Treasurer) A’lord Allah (Secretary)
  • Queens Library (Central Branch)
  • Queens Library at Richmond Hill
  • Jonathan “Jam Young” Martinez (Rapper/Performer)
  • Amir “RQ-Tek” Idris (Rapper/Performer)
  • Riya Alexander, Nicole Goldstein, & Christian Eldridge (Vocalists/Guitarists/Performers)
  • Richmond Hill Library Staff
  • Friends of Richmond Hill Library VP/President of Sullivan Street Press – Deborah Emin
  • Queens Library at Richmond Hill Manager – Rebecca Alibatya
  • The Flowered Concrete Team – Alton Taylor, (Lead Art Director/Consultant) Mia Hill, (Director of Public Relations & Media) & Samantha Anglade (freelance DJ/Special Guest Receptionist)
  • Roy Diaz – Photographer
  • Joshua Walker, (CEO/Founder/President of Avenue Music Group)
  • Last but not least, We’d like to thank YOU, the AUDIENCE,  for attending & remember
  • “Dream for Anything, Reach for Everything”

Be sure to check out an article about the event that we did with Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska, reporter/journalist/producer of DNAINFO-NEWYORK 


Also, check out our Q&A video with Joshua Walker–>here

Last, but not least, a short 10 minute presentation of the event is on its way so be  sure to keep your ears and eyes peeled for a blog post on that very soon.


– Kevin Anglade

– CEO/Founder/President/Blogger/Author/Journalist/Actor/Poet


“Dream For Anything, Reach For Everything”

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