Many Things Are On The Horizon @ Flowered Concrete!

28 Mar


Hello Flowered Concrete followers!!! 


Trust me, I know it’s been a while but be certain that there is a valid reason for my extended silence over the last month. First and foremost, Flowered Concrete has so many things in store over the course of the next few months that I hardly know exactly where to begin! Therefore, please do your best to excuse this frantic, scattered, and schizophrenic post!

Well, since I last posted, I have been hard at work on multiple projects. I recently finished typing up the first draft to a book of poetry that I plan to release for Flowered Concrete sometime next year, and I also have been hard at work on the follow up to my debut novel “Tales of the 23RD PRECINCT” which is still up and available on Amazon now for just $6.55. Lastly, I can’t give away all the details as of yet, but Flowered Concrete will go on to have its first OFFICIAL book reading at the Richmond Hill Library in Queens, New York, this coming May 5th, 2014. We here at Flowered Concrete are super stoked and excited at finally getting the opportunity to share our work with adolescents, who are our intended target age group. We are certain that it will be a great one and we hope to really rock the event once the time comes. Therefore, this is what we have been up to in the past month. Due to the fact that we are an independent publishing brand, it is imperative that we do all of the work expected of us that can lead to recognition and exposure in regards to the masses and what our mission statement is.

Within the last month alone, Alton and I have been designing and conjuring amazing concepts as well as outlines that we will follow through with at our Cinco De Mayo reading event which is billed as “GROWING LITERATURE ONE ROSE AT A TIME”. As for Alton, he too, is hard at work for the brand as he is still working on his first official release which is called Y E L L O W O R L D, due for a release sometime between the end of this year and 2015. And so, there you have it. We promise to continue to work, dream, aspire, inspire and everything in between when it comes to building up our brand from the ground up. We’ve made tremendous progress as a brand in the last fourteen months and we can only hope that we are slowly but surely taking steps to what will be a game changing literary brand within the next few years to come. Stay tuned as next month we keep you posted with our upcoming May 5th reading event and much, much, more!


– Kevin Anglade

– CEO/Founder/Blogger/Author


“Dream For Anything, Reach For Everything”


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