Fox News pt. 1 – Shawn Price

28 Mar

Here’s a young socially conscious cat doing his thing, be sure to check out this poem! It goes by the name of #FoxNewsPt.1 Support the work and follow the movement! #TBWriters

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The government is controlling the news, controlling the filter
They probably even the one loading the gun, controlling the killer,
Or the bomber that came out of nowhere whose backgrounds story mysteriously gets lost,
The ones only showing the fact that people are losing jobs
Then you never inform the people to the job openings,
So they get scared of debt, and practice roping or become dope feins
If its really that bad why do we keep tosting?
Why they keep having balls and adult proms if we’re just coasting?
Barely making it right?
But where you buy your smiles?
According to you there not much good out here,
You have us in financial, physical, metnal fear.
And for what?
A tight grip,
And a lock on our minds?

Get off your dirty soap box,
We don’t want you here slick fox…

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