The tactics of the writer versus the publisher

25 Feb
Flowered Concrete is the independent publishing brand founded by novelist/author Kevin Anglade (Kevin Eleven)

Flowered Concrete is the independent publishing brand founded by novelist/author Kevin Anglade (Kevin Eleven)

Dear Flowered Concrete Supporters,


I hope that I find you all in great spirits as black history month officially comes  to an end in just a few days time. I am writing this week to talk about the differences of being a writer and that of a publisher. Let me break it down in terms of what I’ve been learning as well as experiencing over the past year the best way that I can.


Being a Writer

As  a writer, you have the most liberating job in the world. In the past two and a half years that I’ve seriously been writing, I find it amazing on how a person can just let their minds and thoughts speak for themselves. When writing, I simply let my imagination run wild and jot whatever ideas that come to mind and take it from there. The process is an interesting one as I break everything down into steps.

  1. After deciding what exactly you may want to write about, it is extremely important that writers provide outlines for themselves in terms of plot, character development and resolution so that they can execute their game plan thoroughly and successfully.
  2. Secondly, a writer should put down their work for a certain amount of time and then eventually go back to it. Once a writer leaves his work alone and then eventually returns to it, he or she may find out that there are many things that may not work or may not have been expressed clearly. It is important and key that the writer takes the next initial steps to follow through and perfect their story.
  3. Third and lastly is to eventually let the work be the work. Sometimes as a writer, I get so attached to what I’ve written that I become apprehensive about letting it go out and live on its own in the world. A true artist never thinks his or her work is complete, however, it is imperative that you allow it to gain its own value and appreciation from an outsider who may look at it differently.


Being a Publisher


The job of being a publisher can often be one that leads to potent stress as well as confusion. The publisher most know the fine line between appreciating projects as a fine work of art but also must remember that it’s priority is to sell. I mean, that is in fact the sole purpose of business right? Okay, so let’s get down to what I’ve been able to witness and learn as a publisher thus far over the past year.

  1. Firstly, the publisher must have a game plan intact. To go more in depth in terms of what I mean by that is that the publisher must know how he or she will market, promote and prepare to press release the book. If you are an independent publisher such as myself, it is imperative that you conduct your research on how you will go about doing so. Also, don’t be afraid of getting outside marketing and public relation help! You’d be surprised at all the public relation and marketing companies out there that are just anxious and excited to reach your intended mass audience.
  2. Secondly, it is important to set dates and deadlines as in when you plan on releases as well as production for the book at hand. Without a game plan, a publisher is certainly susceptible to failure, especially if you are a sole individual who prides on doing all of the work his or herself. Remember, the fact that you are in it to win it yourself, there will be a lot of work required from yourself in order to see the publishing success of your work. If you are not ready for this kind of challenge, it would be best if you back out now.
  3. Thirdly, TAKE YOUR TIME!!! I can not express this enough. Often, writers or people who work around them are extremely excited about offering their work to the public that they rush and work as quick as they can to get their material out there. It has been proven numerous amount of times that that surely isn’t the way to go. Traditional books that are published by major publishers often take anywhere between 9-24 months to publish. And for some books, depending on the size, quality and quantity of it, even MORE!! It is important that as the publisher (who may have duties as editor and designer) you make sure everything is thoroughly reviewed and ready for publication. Without question you must be sure that the book formatting as well pagination, grammar, exterior and interior designing are very well done before you put out your book into the world.
  4. Lastly, it is okay to make mistakes!!! Often times, we stress so much on making our books the next best thing to hit the world since apple products that we tend to forget that we’re humans and we make mistakes too. I for one have encountered many mistakes when releasing my first novel “Tales of the 23RD PRECINCT” and the many things that I’ve learned from it, I plan to implement as apart of my strategy when the time comes to place my forthcoming novel into production. Remember it is never a race, and everything going into a book’s production takes time. Think of it this way, like an infant who is well taken care of and grows to be big and strong, your book will only be as great as the amount of time you put into it. Be sure to feed it properly, clothe, bathe it, give it the right nutrients and sit back and watch it blossom as it becomes big and strong!!


– Until next time…


– Kevin Anglade

– CEO/Founder/Blogger/Author


“Dream For Anything, Reach For Everything”



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