29 Aug
Tales of the 23RD PRECINCT is now being spotlighted on the blog Books and Tales

Tales of the 23RD PRECINCT is now spotlighted on the blog site Books and Tales


The Serpent Samurai receives press on the blog site Books and Tales

The Serpent Samurai is now exhibiting promo on the blog site Books and Tales

Hello everyone,


As the summer winds down, we here at Flowered Concrete are starting to gear and shift our focus towards higher education and less on publication (Alton & I are still undergrads in our last semester of college). Nonetheless, to prepare for the transitional period, we made it a point of emphasis to conduct our homework so that we could come across various ways in promoting our books while being  inactive due to school obligations.

I remember one day back in July while I was at work scouring the internet, I happened to come across a book blog that provided author interviews, book spotlights and giveaways for indie authors. The blog spot was called Books and Tales and I found out that  the blog’s curator/owner Annette Gisby, who resides in the U.K., was open to spotlighting and interviewing any author who wanted promotional press on his or her own project. And so, after doing a bit of poking around, I came to the conclusion that it was essential that both Alton and I submit all of the materials Annette required in order for her to showcase our work. After submitting all of the materials that she asked for, Annette responded in prompt fashion as she then gave me the date upon when the book would be spotlighted.

Kevin11 (Kevin Anglade) author of Tales of the 23RD PRECINCT

Kevin11 (Kevin Anglade) author/editor of Tales of the 23RD PRECINCT

As for Alton, the moment that I explained to him how I exactly came across the site and the different services that Annette would provide, he immediately agreed with the idea and quickly submitted the info and materials that Annette asks of her authors upon all requests. After being told that I would have the information for Tales of the 23RD PRECINCT uploaded on August 27th, the day of the scheduled post, (as early as two a.m. in the morning) I happened to google TOT23P to see if anything regarding the title would pop up. And immediately it did. I noticed the same night just before I had went to bed that Annette had posted my book spotlight three days in advance! (Oops) As a publisher, you are supposed to stay on top of such information but truth be told, I hadn’t checked her website to see if she had posted anything regarding Flowered Concrete. (Bad business :/)

Alton Taylor, the writer, cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer of The Serpent Samurai

Alton Taylor, the writer, cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer of The Serpent Samurai

The great stroke of luck that I had actually happened to be repeat itself this morning (August 29th) as I once again went to Books and Tales in order to keep tabs with all of its traffic. This time I noticed that the interview Alton had conducted with Annette had been posted on her webpage the day prior (okay, not the best in terms of punctuality, but much better than before). I then alerted Alton to notify him of the transaction and that he should promo his own self regarding the matter on his personal webpage as well as his own brand DRAWING REALM.

In closing, as the school semester starts to take shape and whip into gear, by no means will this be the end of my blog posts for Flowered Concrete. Instead, they will cease dramatically unless something highly pivotal pertaining to F.C. such as Alton’s Gallery showcase on Sunday, September 22nd, (which I will speak upon before the date approaches) comes into play. However, once September disssolves and brings on the chilliness of October I will sporadically post blog entries until the end of December/January. Therefore, don’t fret, we here at Flowered Concrete still have jobs to perform; And when the time calls for them in regards to our projects, expect us to keep you posted and up-to-date. If you happen to be unsure of what this means exactly, just know that my next post will be uploaded and written on Sunday, September 15th leading up to Alton’s event. Talk to you then.


– Kevin Anglade

– CEO/Founder/Blogger/Author


“Dream For Anything, Reach For Everything”



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