30 Jul
Meet Flowered Concrete Starting Left, Kevin Anglade (Kevin Eleven) CEO, Founder, Author, Poet of FC & Alton Taylor, Lead Art Director, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, Author, Video Coordinator

Meet Flowered Concrete
Starting Left: Kevin Anglade (Kevin Eleven) CEO, Founder, Author, Blogger & Poet of FC & Alton Taylor, Lead Art Director, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, Author & Video Coordinator of FC

Hello everyone,

Kevin Anglade reporting once again to all of you beautiful humans. There are so many things that have happened involving Flowered Concrete since the last time that I blogged. One of the BIGGEST things in which I haven’t mentioned was a video interview that included myself and the company’s lead Art Director, Alton Taylor, with the Brooklyn based news, media & entertainment platform BROOKLYN BRAND. Almost two Fridays ago, Alton and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with BROOKLYN BRAND’s Editor-in-Chief, Ravon James as well as it’s  CEO & Founder, Brandon Bourne, in order to discuss the purpose of Flowered Concrete and our sole mission to spread literacy and reading to the youth that inhabit all of New York City.

It turned out to be an astounding interview that spanned for almost 40 minutes in which we discussed EVERYTHING Flowered Concrete and EVERYTHING literature! The way the interview came about was actually months in the making. I first met Brandon Bourne at CUNY Brooklyn College, (the college that I currently attend) and we talked about everything and anything that had to do with art. After explaining to him that I had self-published my first book independently, he told me that I should meet with him and Ravon on a business level to discuss my intentions with the book and Flowered Concrete as a whole.

The moment I got the chance to meet Ravon, we all exchanged contact information and kept in touch for months leading up to the interview. Although I had initially spoken to them back in April, our schedules being with school, work, personal obligations, and our separate brands kept us wondering when exactly the time would materialize where they would get to know us and we as well get to know them. And so, Friday, July 19th, turned out to be that day where we as Flowered Concrete let everything spill from the heart and told them our story.

The video that you are about to check out happens to be the footage recorded with BROOKLYN BRAND but from OUR perspective! There happened to be three video cameras in the room that night as BROOKLYN BRAND  had their own two video cameras taping the chat.

I say that in order to say this: when you guys get a chance to check out this Q&A footage, I hope that you will come across our vibrant personalities, the enthusiasm, drive, and just the candid way of expressing what we do that we love and WHY we do what we love. In a world where children and young adults are constantly moved by film and music, we also want them to remember that literature is and has ALWAYS been a tremendous form of self-expression! And like film, dance and music, it as well can create a place of escape and nostalgia when using the mind to innovate.

We hope that you watch this video and take away the general idea of Alton & myself as two young men who are passionate about the writing art form and the young people we have impacted. We also hope to influence a countless number of others that seek inspiration and read what we will have written in the near foreseeable future.

Unfortunately and on a sad note, I’d like to say rest in peace to a very close friend of mine who passed in a fatal car accident two weeks ago. Bianca Leigh Petillo. I love you girl with all of my heart and just know that although your soul is no longer here, the memories that we personally shared, as well as the ones that you shared with countless of others, live within our hearts forever. I’ll see you when I get up there. ( You are truly GOD’s Angel)


P.S. You can see the video for yourself if you haven’t already here at the highlighted link below:


– Kevin Anglade

– CEO/Founder/Blogger/Author


“Dream For Anything, Reach For Everything”

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