A Letter From Motown… (From Me to You)

16 Jul
Cover Design/Artwork by Alton Taylor

Cover Design/Artwork by Alton Taylor “motown, BLUES” will be available on Booksie at 5pm, Tuesday, July 16th @ http://booksie.com/kevin11

My dear readers,

I hope that I find all of you in great health and spirits. As of tomorrow, the day will come with the release of motown, BLUES. If you read my last blog post, then you would know precisely what motown, BLUES is all about. Therefore, I won’t really go into detail. Firstly, I’d just like to say that I hope you appreciate this piece of work the way I appreciate and love what was created. I know deep down within my heart that I put 150% into this project as a whole. When I stack it up to the rest of my growing catalog, I feel as if this is my best work. Some may beg to differ however. For example, just this past weekend I sent out some of the first few copies of motown to a couple of fellow writers and people who truly admire my work in general. Although I won’t mention his name, a fellow writer critiqued the hell out of my work until I felt as if there would be a point of  no return. I mean, everything he said was deconstructive and not once did he say something positive that I thought would enhance my writing. After hearing him ramble on the phone for almost half an hour I came to the conclusion that my writing style as well as his were just vastly different. Not to knock his writing or how he structures his material but I didn’t feel that we were on the same page artistically. I could honestly be here for days in terms of how he critiqued my work but I won’t even go there. I’ll let you readers who have been following me for the past few months be the judge of what has manifested throughout the entire course of my summer thus far. As a writer, one never feels that his or her work is truly polished and as I say this, I have three to four minor changes that I must apply to the work before I put it up for everyone’s reading pleasure. And so, going forward, I would like to know what many of you think about the work if you decide that you will take the time out to read it. I truly would like the honest opinion of everyone who decides to delve into the world of Silas Carr and the city landscapes of Detroit. Personally, I feel that my job is to serve you guys as readers and to provide you with content that will make you think, imagine and enjoy what is placed before you. Therefore, when five o’clock arrives tomorrow and you decide to read the project that day, that hour, this year or next year I decided to include a poll in which you could go back to in order to place your honest and most blunt opinions. Hopefully your comments and thoughts will help me excel and evolve into a better storyteller as time presses forward. Thank you as always guys and I hope you enjoy the project.

*motown, BLUES can be downloaded for reading pleasure tomorrow at 5pm here http://booksie.com/kevin11 in my Writing Portfolio under the FEATURED WRITING link.

Signing Off,

– Kevin Anglade

P.S. “Dream For Anything, Reach For Everything”


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