The Birth of Flowered Concrete Publishing

13 Feb

Many can make assumptions upon what Flowered Concrete stands for. To put it in simplest terms, Flowered Concrete was manifested in my basement due to my ambitions for a platform to release my literary work. But over time, Flowered Concrete has started to mean much more. It allows my good friend Alton Taylor and I, a landscape to distribute literature that offers teens, young adults and basically anyone over the age of 13 a chance to reflect upon what they’ve consumed. When I created the brand, my mission was to not only have fun with fans but to also feed their brains as well. I’m currently working on my third book right now, a memoir/Autobiography called “The Flower of The Concrete” with a very close friend who’s name is Jerome (Yusef) Davis. The memoir is strictly based on his life and the contradictions and illusions of growing up in America as a minority or person of color. When Yusef and I discussed a possible title for the book a few months back, he told me that he wanted it to be named Flower of the Concrete because of Tupac’s poem & book of poems of a similar name “The Rose That Grew From Concrete.” From there, we picked it up and ran with it as I have manifested my own meaning for the company’s name. When I think about Flowered Concrete Publishing I think of “Growing Literature One Rose At a Time” which literally means that with every purchased book, literature is grown from the roots of one person or consumer at a time. To honor my mission, Alton Taylor, Jerome Davis, myself, as well as future authors and artists of the brand hope to create material that teaches the masses underlying themes that display symbolism and acknowledges social commentary within society. Despite everything just said, we also want them to escape into a world of imagination, colors and fun.

– Kevin Anglade AKA Kevin Eleven CEO of Flowered Concrete


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