Introducing Kevin Eleven: First book of any form on sale now and self-published by me.

4 Feb

Hello everyone,

My name is Kevin Anglade, I’m just a humble, yet hard working persistent kid from southside Jamaica Queens, New York.  My pen name is Kevin Eleven when it comes to creative writing. The reason I chose “eleven” at the end of my pseudonym is because I was eleven when I strongly immersed myself into the world of literature and since then I haven’t turned back. It was definitely a whirl wind of events for me last week. I started out my intern job as the new sports editor at Brooklyn College, and also resumed as a full-time student currently on pursuit for my Bachelor’s Degree. However, the most important thing and greatest achievement within my brief 22 years of existence was self-publishing my first book named “Tales of the 23RD PRECINCT” a brief collection of detective fiction short-stories compiled and created by myself over the past year. Being that it was my first book, I knew that it would be hard for me to land an agent, pursue and appease a traditional publisher all while going to school. So I said to myself, “hey, why don’t you just self-publish it? You can’t wait on anyone to do things for you Kev, just go ahead and do it yourself!” And so, that’s exactly what I did. Let me just say that no matter what the book sells, I could care less. The fact that I’ve seen my mom read the book everyday since it’s release makes me proud. It also reaffirms my mission to continue to bring forth my creativity to the world and that this is only the beginning. The book, released Monday, January 28th, by Flowered Concrete & CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, was manifested to entertain a new wave of detective fiction audience members, as well as to promote literacy for teens and young adults. Currently, me and my team are working on possible promotional appearances in the future such as Libraries, museums, and comic book stores that will display the book as a whole and give audiences a chance to question the reason for the book being published and if read, questions regarding characters, settings and plots. For my first book, I don’t know how many people may like it, but the one thing I do know is that I put my sweat and time into crafting a piece that is sure to entertain kids, youth and young adults for months to come. The best part about it all thus far is that this is only the beginning…


To order a copy of my book for home delivery go to the link below where you can purchase it exclusively on amazon or download it instantly to Kindle.

Kindle Editon: $3.99 Paperback Edition: $6.99

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